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Failure to detect the Gallbladder on Ultrasonography

The gallbladder, like any fluid cavity, can be clearly observed on ultrasound examination. Failure to detect the gallbladder ultrasonographically is rare, and usually in these cases a repeat test (often involving a number of repetitions) on the following day will demonstrate a gallbladder of normal size and location. However, if repeated ultrasound examinations consistently fail to detect the gallbladder, other problems must be considered. The main signs that should be checked for are those that are indicative of congenital atresia (blockage) of the digestive tract, and excessively echogenic intestines. It is also necessary to look for defects in the liver and intestinal structure, changes in the amount of amniotic fluid, etc.

In cases in which the gallbladder cannot be detected even after repeated examinations, it is advisable to examine the parents for carrier status of cystic fibrosis. It is also advisable to check for a blockage in the bile ducts by analyzing the level of bile salts in the amniotic fluid - this test is reliable, is coordinated through the genetic institute, and is performed at this point in time in a special center in France. From the mothers point of view the examination of the amniotic fluid is a regular test.
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