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Fetal echocardiography

This is an ultrasound test in which the structure of the fetal heart is examined.

A pediatric cardiologist usually performs it. It is usually performed between the 22nd and the 24th week of gestation in cases where a system scan indicates a suspected heart defect.

It is also done in cases where the parents have a high risk of having an infant with a heart defect. Increased risk for a heart defect is defined as when one or both of the partners has a history of such a condition; a previous fetus or child had or has a heart defect, or where signs are present, such as excess nuchal translucency, etc., that are indicative of a syndrome which has a heart defect as one of its manifestations.

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Comments (1)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011 1:41 AM
(1) Deepak desale  says:

what is boarderline dilation in unilateral lateral ventricle

my wife is pregnant. she is 30 weeks On after sonography we find boarderline dilation in unilateral lateral ventricle,measure 10 mm at atria So I want to Know it is dangerous for fetal in future for his growth

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