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High hCG levels

The normal range is 0.2-3 MoM (multiples of the median). High levels indicate a statistically increased risk for Down syndrome which is expressed in the calculated weighted statistical risk. If amniocentesis is performed, this will confirm or rule out the presence of a fetus with Down syndrome, and if the fetus is normal there will be no further risk for genetic problems.
All studies undertaken have failed to find a correlation between elevated hCG and specific genetic problems.

However, a correlation has been found between high hCG values and an increased risk for the development of complications of pregnancy such as hypertension and a decreased fetal growth rate in the third trimester that is double that for the population with normal hCG levels - 10 out of 100 versus 5 out of 100. In view of this, it is advisable to monitor the fetus's growth regularly every three weeks from the 28th week. It is also advisable for pregnant women to undergo routine blood pressure checks.
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